I was born in Calcutta, India.  My parents had gone to live there from Ireland in 1948.  My earliest memories are the constant whirring of fans, the blazing heat, and my beloved dog lying in the shadiest part of the veranda.  Our garden was filled with every colour and shape of flower imaginable. They towered over me in their glory.  Nature in all its sun-drenched weariness, to the sodden, relentless downpour of the monsoon.  All of it beautiful and consuming.

Then I went to Ireland.  The cold and the rain.  I loved the rain.  The mood it created, how it made me feel, peaceful and calm.

I settled in England.  Familiar in the Britishness I had encountered in post-Raj India.  After a time, I began to paint again.  The weather, landscapes, seascapes and still life have been painted through exploration and feeling.  

From Hampstead Heath to the big skies of Norfolk, I work in oils, mixed media and collage to bring a fullness to how I feel and experience things.  My love of flowers is seen in botanical abstraction in my paintings, as are rainy, bleaker moods or warm, vibrant patterns remininscent of India.


Les Aires – Beziers, South of France

Waterloo Gallery – Waterloo, London

The Jersey Galleries – Osterley House, West London

 Burgh House Hampstead Solo Exhibition 2014